Zombie's Talisman
Zombie's Talisman
Required Level 24
Faction Any
Start Hugh
Quest Items 15 Zombie's Talisman
Reward 3,000 exp, 200 Healing Salve (Medium)

Walkthrough Edit

Start the quest by talking to Hugh. Hugh wants to know how the white talismans on the Zombie's foreheads bring the Zombies back to life and asks that you bring him 15 Zombie's Talisman to study. Head out the south gate and continue south until you come to a fork in the road by the Blood Wolves and Black Bears. Take the west path and continue southward. You should see an inset area on the map which is the graveyard. Kill Zombies until you have 15 Zombie's Talisman. Bring the Talismans back to Hugh to receive your reward. You might need to be level 25 before Hugh will take the Talisman's from you.

Quest Items Edit

  • Zombie's Talisman 15 Zombie's Talisman

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