Xfire is a freeware instant messaging service targeted toward gamers, that also serves as a game server browser. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to detect what video game a particular contact is running and allowing IMs to be sent and received from inside the game in question, eliminating the need to minimize the game window.

Adding Support for Scions of Fate Edit

Although Xfire does not officially support Scions of Fate, users can edit xfire_games.ini file to allow Xfire in-game chat on Scions of Fate to work. However, logging of hours played will not work.

LongName=Scions of Fate
  1. Open C:\Program Files\Xfire\xfire_games.ini in a text editor such as Notepad
  2. Goto the end of the file and copy and paste:
  3. Save the file and restart Xfire

Enabling Autologin with Xfire Edit

  1. Download, extract, and run Process Explorer
  2. Login to the Scions of Fate website in Internet Explorer
  3. Click the Game Start icon on the left side of the website to start the Scions of Fate launcher
  4. In Process Explorer, find launcher.exe, right-click it, and click Properties
  5. In the new window that pops up, under Command line:, select the text after the word INET. For example, the text displayed could be "C:\Program Files\Scions of Fate\launcher.exe" INET 3274 ACCNAME XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1000 1, and the text you would want to select is INET 3274 ACCNAME XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1000 1. After you have it selected, copy it to your clipboard.
  6. In Xfire, click Tools -> Options and select the Games tab
  7. Select Scions of Fate on the left column
  8. On the right side, under Extra Command Line Paramters, paste the text from the clipboard
  9. Click Apply and OK

Now whenever you goto Tools -> Launch -> Scions of Fate in Xfire, you will not need to enter your password in Scions of Fate.

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