The Ninja class was recently added along with a new game area. They dual wield daggers and attack twice every animation. Their base attack isn't very good, and they boast low defense and HP. It's their dexterity that really shines, resulting in an extremely high critical/combo/heavy chance and dodge rate. When combined with their abilities and skills, they can become walking killing machines, quickly dealing out large amounts of damage with criticals almost every attack. Their attack skills by themselves aren't very impressive, but when combined with their unique rage bar system and status effects, can be devastating. When a Ninja activates an attack skill, if their rage bar has any charges at all, 1 or more is consumed (depending on skill) and the damage of the skill is boosted accordingly as well as adding a second status effct (if applicable), and any status effect are applied. These effects include confusion, lowered defense, and bleeding just to name a few. Their rage system is unique in that, instead of being used when the bar fills and getting the buff effect, it is instead stored in up to 5 levels, and is consumed when the Ninja activates an attack skill. Ninja also have the ability to turn invisible and hide from other players (some players state its just a novelty though), making them a unique and surprisingly deadly force in pvp. Normal attacks and skills have low attack, but the skills will do a little more damage than the normal attack, so use skills when you can to increase the damage.


Icon Name Description Requirement
Rage Link Increase rage gained and minimum attack power. None
Combo Link Increase combo attack chance. None
Power Divergence Increase heavy blow chance. None
Energy Block Increase the duration of status effects. None
Enraged Dragon A random percetage of your attack power is added to your normal attack. None
Three Flowers Increase normal/skill attack evasion. First Promotion
Vertex Pierce Increase critical blow chance. Second Promotion
Fatal Sharpness Amplifies critical blow damage. Third Promotion
Flashing Shadow Increase the chance of your first attack to be a critical blow. Fourth Promotion
Damage Return when evading an attack, a random perentage of opponents attack points will be added to your next normal attack damage. Level 90 Quest

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