Medicinal Ingredients
Bear's Paw
Required Level 14
Faction Any
Start Hugh
Quest Items Bear's Gall and Bear's Paw
Reward 200G per Bear's Gall and 100G per Bear's Paw


Please Note: This quest is optional and can be repeated to earn more money.

Start the quest by speaking to Hugh. It seems Hugh, the doctor of Central Valley, has fallen ill himself. Bear's Paws and Bear's Galls have healing qualities which Hugh wishes to possess, and he is willing to pay you 200G for each Bear's Gall you collect and 100G for each Bear's Paw. Head out the south gate and continue south along the path. You will pass Bobcats and Toads and come to a patch of Wolves and Bears. Kill Bears to collect Bear's Paw and kill Black Bears to collect Bear's Gall. When you are finished collecting the quest items, return to Hugh to receive your payment and, if you want, to restart the quest.

Quest ItemsEdit

  • Bear's Paw Bear's Paw
  • Bear's Gall Bear's Gall

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