Icon Name Type Attack Class Faction Shop Price Sell Price
Wooden Staff Wooden Staff D 8~10 Novice Healer Any N/A 0g
Training Staff Training Staff D 10~15 Novice Healer Any 700g or as a
Quest Reward
Light Staff Light Staff C 15~20 Healer Any 1,400g 420g
Heavy Staff Heavy Staff C 20~26 Healer Any Quest Reward 1,050g
Iron Staff Iron Staff C 32~38 Healer Any 12,500g 3,750g
Bell Staff Bell Staff C 38~46 Healer Any Quest Reward 7,980g
Jade Staff Jade Staff C 54~62 Healer Any 121,750g 36,525g
Ruby Staff Ruby Staff C 62~72 Healer Any Drop Only 94,050g
Pearl Staff Pearl Staff B 78~88 Holy Physician Order 465,000g 139,500g
Whirlwind Staff Whirlwind Staff B 78~88 Dark Physician Chaos 465,000g 139,500g
Flower Staff Flower Staff B 94~104 Holy Physician Order 744,000g 223,200g
Monsoon Staff Monsoon Staff B 94~104 Dark Physician Chaos 744,000g 223,200g
Lotus Staff Lotus Staff B 112~122 Holy Physician Order 1,475,000g 442,500g
Mystic Staff Mystic Staff B 112~122 Dark Physician Chaos 1,475,000g 442,500g
Radiant Blossom Staff Radiant Blossom Staff B 122~132 Holy Physician Order Drop Only
Seven Star Staff Seven Star Staff B 122~132 Dark Physician Chaos Drop Only
Tiger Eye Staff Tiger Eye Staff A 132~143 Venerable Cleric Order 3,765,000g
Dark Blood Staff Dark Blood Staff A 132~143 Obsidian Mage Chaos 3,765,000g
Dragon Scale Staff Dragon Scale Staff A 153~168 Venerable Cleric Order 5,690,000g
Arcane FireGem Staff Arcane FireGem Staff A 153~168 Obsidian Mage Chaos 5,690,000g
Divinatory Staff Divinatory Staff A 167~182 Venerable Cleric Order Drop Only
Dragon Claw Staff Dragon Claw Staff A 167~182 Obsidian Mage Chaos Drop Only
Holy Disciple's Staff Holy Disciple's Staff AA 181~196 Divine Oracle Order 15,750,000g
Black Comet Staff Black Comet Staff AA 181~196 Archmagus Chaos 15,750,000g
Staff of the Astral Dragon Staff of the Astral Dragon AA 195~210 Divine Oracle Order Drop Only
Staff of the Demonic Dragon Staff of the Demonic Dragon AA 195~210 Archmagus Chaos Drop Only
Staff of Divine Transcendence Staff of Divine Transcendence AA 209~224 Divine Oracle Order Drop Only
Staff of Eclipsing Corruption Staff of Eclipsing Corruption AA 209~224 Archmagus Chaos Drop Only
o11 Staff of Silver Flowers 223~238 Order Drop Only
c11 Staff of the Blood Demon 223~238 Chaos Drop Only
o12 Staff of the Clear Moon 237~252 Order Drop Only
c12 Staff of Demonic Flame 237~252 Chaos Drop Only
o13 Staff of White Power 253~268 Order Drop Only
c13 Staff of Dark Power 253~268 Chaos Drop Only

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