M F Name Faction Level Defense Shop Price Sell Price
Plain Training Robe (Healer) M Plain Training Robe (Healer) F Plain Training Robe (Healer) Any 10 6 900g 270g
Good Training Robe (Healer) M Good Training Robe (Healer) F Good Training Robe (Healer) Any 20 10 4,250g 1,275g
Fine Training Robe (Healer) M Fine Training Robe (Healer) F Fine Training Robe (Healer) Any 30 14 18,500g 5,550g
Dragon Robe (Healer) M Dragon Robe (Healer) F Dragon Robe (Healer) Order 40 16 46,000g 13,800g
Bloody Robe (Healer) M Bloody Robe (Healer) F Bloody Robe (Healer) Chaos 40 16 46,000g 13,800g
Phoenix Robe (Healer) M Phoenix Robe (Healer) F Pheonix Robe (Healer) Order 50 20 117,500g 35,250g
Phantom Robe (Healer) M Phantom Robe (Healer) F Phantom Robe (Healer) Chaos 50 20 117,500g 35,250g
Tiger Robe (Healer) M Tiger Robe (Healer) F Tiger Robe (Healer) Order 60 22 325,000g
Drake Robe (Healer) M Drake Robe (Healer) F Drake Robe (Healer) Chaos 60 22 325,000g
Spirit Robe (Healer) M Spirit Robe (Healer) F Spirit Robe (Healer) Order 70 26 584,000g
Storm Robe (Healer) M Storm Robe (Healer) F Storm Robe (Healer) Chaos 70 26 584,000g
Lunar Robe (Healer) M Lunar Robe (Healer) F Lunar Robe (Healer) Order 80 35 1,875,000g
Shadow Robe (Healer) M Shadow Robe (Healer) F Shadow Robe (Healer) Chaos 80 35 1,875,000g
Heavenly Robe (Healer) M Heavenly Robe (Healer) F Heavenly Robe (Healer) Order 90 41 3,500,000g
Demonic Robe (Healer) M Demonic Robe (Healer) F Demonic Robe (Healer) Chaos 90 41 3,500,000g

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