The Healer hybrid build is an attack build centered around the Concentrated Chi ability although it also allows you to heal your party, making leveling very easy after level 35. With the combination of a good staff, the right ability points, the right skills, a hybrid can be a formidable opponent and match damage with similar leveled characters of other classes.

Equipment Edit

A hybrid build requires a lot of gold to continue to be strong as levels progress.

A large supply of healing potions is required when soloing because the low defense causes "healers" to constantly take large amounts of damage. A good rule of thumb is to carry at least half of your allowed weight in healing potions when soloing.

When in a party, hybrids are usually forced to heal. Healing for a hybrid build costs more gold than for a full support since hybrids normally skip raising the Chi Conservation skill. For hybrids, it is recommended to carry at least 200 ginseng when partying.

Staff Edit

The hybrid build requires two staves: One for healing and one for nuking.

  • The healing staff should be a wood or training staff with +4 ability or + 8 ability with out any enhancements
  • The nuking staff should be the most expensive that can be afforded. Along with the base staff, it should be enchanted with sapphires (4 recomended) and enhanced with rubies at least twice (amount of rubies per enhancement varies depending on the amount of sapphires within the weapon).

Before level 35, Attack Power and ED gems are more useful to hybrid builds than Skill Attack gems since hybrid builds have such low-powered skills.

After level 45, the best Sapphires to use on the staff are the Skill Attack increase ones, as the Attack Damage ones will cost nearly twice the price for the same amount of damage. If you currently have Attack Damage sapphires, consider selling them at market and purchasing Skill Attack ones as the price difference is well worth the trouble.

Extra Damage sapphires are considered useless for Nukers as Extra Damage is only added after the skill atk is caculated.

Enhancement is risky, but only after the second time. Thus, all weapons should be enhanced at least twice. After that, it becomes possible for the staff, the rubies, and the sapphires used on the staff to all be lost at once.

Clothing Edit

Clothing chosen should always be the best available at any given level. as for Costume when able to afford u should get 2 1 for healing touch the other for concentrated chi . When training, Defense Power or Dodge are the best option while nuking while healing those are also good but u may want to use chi gear inorder to increase the amount of time u are aloud to go AFK. When PvPing, it is best to have an extra set of Robes that are enchanted with Skill Defense or HP.The HP gears will protect u from stacks. As a hhealer you have an ability that increases the amont of HP by a % this % is taken after mouse gear and pills are added.

Abilities Edit

There are many different Nuker builds, all with different ability point distribution. The following distribution set was chosen by User:Odie5533 for its superior Chi management and ease of leveling while not sacrificing in the least bit pure damage. Please note that if you wish, after level 10 you can delevel and place all ability points immediately into Concentrated Chi. This has the benefit of making the build stronger earlier in the game. However, deleveling can be a hassle and it will not make a difference if you did or not after level 30.

At this point, ability points will be best spent on Life Span or Accountant.

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