Dodge build is often used by swordsmen as a cheap alternative to defense. Using the ability Sword Drift, swordsmen can increase their dodge rate by up to 20%. This can further be added by the Instant reflex skill which increases skill dodge rates.


There are three useful types of gems that can be used to create a dodge build.


These are the most important gems to be used, they create the majority of the dodge increase. Dodge emeralds can be put into all pieces of armour (robes, boots, braces and armor) to raise the dodge stats. To obtain a significant amount of dodge generally dodge +7 is used as a minimum and dodge 10 as a maximum (unless the players can use high quality gems) Below is a rough price guide for dodge emeralds. Prices:

  • Dodge 7 Increase - 50,000G.
  • Dodge 8 Increase - 100,000G.
  • Dodge 9 Increase - 150,000G.
  • Dodge 10 Increase - 350,000G.

Wind EssenceEdit

Wind gems when put into robes increase maximum dodge by 1%. This is very useful as it effectively gives the player an additional sword drift ability point. Wind Amethysts are usually priced at 200,000G.


If a player has a costume then cirtines can be used to further the sword drift or instant reflex skills. Prices:

  • Sword drift - 50,000G
  • Instant reflex - 50,000G
  • All abilities 1 increase - 100,000,000G


Most necklaces will increase dodge, usually it is best to stick to a necklace that is of the same level as the player

  • Fanged Necklace - 10,000G.
  • Jade Necklace - 250,000 G.
  • Martial Necklace - 200,000G.
  • Royal Necklace - 600,000G. - 1,000,000G.
  • Imperial Necklace - 15,000,000G.
  • Forbidden Necklace - 1,250,000G.
  • Divine Necklace - 35,000,000G.
  • Soul Necklace - 4,000,000G.

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