Scions of Fate has 6 classes, most filling traditional MMORPG roles.


The "tank" class. Has the highest Defense and HP while it suffers from low Attack and Accuracy, and is the only class with early level Area of Effect (AOE) attacks.


One of the three ranged classes. Has a high Attack and Accuracy, but low Defense and HP. Can buff other players(including themselves) for a short amount of time. They do not have a combo attack.


One of the three ranged classes. Has the highest Skill Attack of all characters, but low Attack and Defense. Healers are the only class that can heal players, and they can also buff other players(including themselves). They do not have a normal combo attack or an offensive skill combo attack.


Highest Attack, high Skill Attack. Average Defense and average to low HP.


The balanced character. High Evasion. Average Attack, HP, Defense, etc.


Highest Evasion and Critical rate. Low Defense and HP. Can debuff players or monsters. Has unique 5-hit combo attacks instead of 3, and also a unique x1.5 attack speed boosting skill.


One of the three ranged classes. High Skill attack and Attack but low HP and Defense. Controls their type of damage through three different rage modes. Can debuff players or monsters. They don't have skill combo attack, but can instead control their type of rage in the skill combo attack window through "Voluntary Music" innate support skill if "Whole Resolutive Capabilities" ability is maximized.

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