Icon Name Faction Level Defense Shop Price Sell Price
Leather Bracer Leather Bracer Any 5 5 600g 180g
Bronze Bracer Bronze Bracer Any 10 7 3,000g 900g
Brass Bracer Brass Bracer Any 20 9 7,250g 2,175g
Iron Bracer Iron Bracer Any 30 11 14,000g 4,200g
Dragon Bracer Dragon Bracer Order 40 13 20,500g 6,150g
Bloody Bracer Bloody Bracer Chaos 40 13 20,500g 6,150g
Phoenix Bracer Phoenix Bracer Order 50 15 28,750g 8,625g
Phantom Bracer Phantom Bracer Chaos 50 15 28,750g 8,625g
Tiger Bracer Tiger Bracer Order 60 18 46,000g
Drake Bracer Drake Bracer Chaos 60 18 46,000g
Spirit Bracer Spirit Bracer Order 70 22 89,000g
Storm Bracer Storm Bracer Chaos 70 22 89,000g
Lunar Bracer Lunar Bracer Order 80 32 315,000g
Shadow Bracer Shadow Bracer Chaos 80 32 315,000g
Heavenly Bracer Heavenly Bracer Order 90 44 925,000g
Demonic Bracer Demonic Bracer Chaos 90 44 925,000g

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