Bowmen are unique in that they are one of the three classes (along with Busker and Healer) that can use ranged attacks and uses both normal attacks and skill attacks for dealing high damage. Bowmen have high attack power but poor defense. This class is a big help in AC (Authority Clash) and is often used for PVP (Player Kill).

The Bowman primarily uses ranged attacks to take down an enemy from afar. This is because of his low defense and high offense.


Bowman are fragile, they have poor defense capabilities. You must always be extra careful because of it.

Archers are among the most expensive to maintain because they use buffs, which uses more Chi. They use arrows which is an extra cost no other Class has.


Bowman, just like ninjas are the only classes in Scions of Fate that can efficiently use both normal and Skill Attack (SA) for massive damage.

You can use a weapon enchanted with 4 "All Abilities Increased +2" for levelling up. You can save a significant amount of gold in Ginseng, since you don't use Chi for Skill Attack.

You can use a weapon enchanted with 4 "Skill Attack Damage Increase XX%" for PVP and levelling. Although you will spend more gold on Ginseng since you are using Chi for Skills Attack.

Bowman have self and party buffs, which makes them irreplaceable in parties.

Promotion.................Class...............................Requirements................. LVLEdit

N......................None 1Edit


Passing the promotion test 10

2ndSlient Strider/Blood SeekerEdit

Passing the promotion test 35

3rdSwift Ranger/Shadow TrackerEdit

Passing the promotion test 60

4thCelestial Warden/Demon HunterEdit

  • '"Promotıon'":Passing the promotion test
  • "'Level"':80

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