Icon Name Type Attack Class Faction Shop Price Sell Price
Simple Blade Simple Blade D 8~12 Novice Bladesman Any N/A 0g
Butcher's Blade Butcher's Blade D 12~20 Novice Bladesman Any 700g or as a
Quest Reward
Soldier's Blade Soldier's Blade C 18~31 Bladesman Any 1,400g 420g
Vicious Blade Vicious Blade C 24~37 Bladesman Any Quest Reward 1,050g
Curved Blade Curved Blade C 32~53 Bladesman Any 12,500g 3,750g
Iron Blade Iron Blade C 40~61 Bladesman Any Quest Reward 7,980g
Jade Blade Jade Blade C 50~75 Bladesman Any 121,750g 36,525g
Steel Blade Steel Blade C 62~83 Bladesman Any Drop Only 94,050g
Enduring Blade Enduring Blade B 78~98 Elemental Defender Order 465,000g 139,500g
Jagged Blade Jagged Blade B 78~98 Fierce Brawler Chaos 465,000g 139,500g
Angular Blade Angular Blade B 94~114 Elemental Defender Order 744,000g 223,200g
Brigand's Blade Brigand's Blade B 94~114 Fierce Brawler Chaos 744,000g 223,200g
Defender's Blade Defender's Blade B 110~130 Elemental Defender Order 1,475,000g 442,500g
Executioner's Blade Executioner's Blade B 110~130 Fierce Brawler Chaos 1,475,000g 442,500g
Firestorm Blade Firestorm Blade B 126~143 Elemental Defender Order Drop Only
Black Lotus Blade Black Lotus Blade B 126~143 Fierce Brawler Chaos Drop Only
Skywind Blade Skywind Blade A 146~166 Eternal Guardian Order 3,765,000g
Dark Serpent Blade Dark Serpent Blade A 146~166 Cursed Warrior Chaos 3,765,000g
Advent Blade Advent Blade A 164~186 Eternal Guardian Order 5,690,000g
Dragon Fire Blade Dragon Fire Blade A 164~186 Cursed Warrior Chaos 5,690,000g
Jade Dragon Blade Jade Dragon Blade A 184~206 Eternal Guardian Order Drop Only
Azure Demon Blade Azure Demon Blade A 184~206 Cursed Warrior Chaos Drop Only
Gold Dragon Blade Gold Dragon Blade AA 204~226 Sacred Sentinel Order 15,750,000g
Dragon Wrath Blade Dragon Wrath Blade AA 204~226 Hell Bringer Chaos 15,750,000g
Blade of Divine Vengeance Blade of Divine Vengeance AA 224~246 Sacred Sentinel Order Drop Only
Blade of the Abyss Blade of the Abyss AA 224~246 Hell Bringer Chaos Drop Only
Blade of the Celestial Dragon Blade of the Celestial Dragon AA 248~270 Sacred Sentinel Order Drop Only
Blade of Demonic Wrath Blade of Demonic Wrath AA 248~270 Hell Bringer Chaos Drop Only
o11 Infinite Heavenly Blade 270~292 Order
c11 Heavenly Blood Blade 270~292 Chaos
o12 Blade of the Divine Dragon 294~316 Order
c12 Blade of Supremacy 294~316 Chaos
o13 Blade of the Blue Full Moon 320~342 Order
c13 Blade of Heavenly Power 320~342 Chaos

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