Ape's Leather
Ape's Leather
Required Level 22
Faction Any
Start Lady Tae
Quest Items 15 Ape's Leather
Reward 1,000 exp, Ethereal Leather Armor Pattern

Walkthrough Edit

Begin the quest by speaking to Lady Tae. She will tell you how Apes have destroyed one of the villages in Central Valley. She will ask you to get rid of some of the Apes and bring her 10 Ape's Leather as proof. Lady Tae also tells you to speak to Don as he knows where the village is. Directly north of Lady Tae is Don who will tell you that the Apes are to the southeast of the town you are in. He will also ask you to bring him another 5 Ape's Leather. Head out the east exit from town and travel south until you meet a fork in the road. Instead of going east or west at the fork, continue going south up a mountain and you will reach the Ape mound. Kill Apes here until you have 15 Ape's Leather. Go back to the town and speak to Lady Tae. She will take 10 Ape's Leather off your hands and remind you that you promised to bring Don some leather too. Go north to Don again and he will take the remaining 5 Ape's Leather and mention that the leathers are not for him but for Lynn who has asked him to do something. After this mysterious message, he will give you 1,000 exp and an Ethereal Leather Armor Pattern that he says will be useful at level 25.

Quest Items Edit

  • Ape's Leather 15 Ape's Leather
  • Ethereal Leather Armor Pattern 1 Ethereal Leather Armor Pattern

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